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We serve students in the following grades:
  • Toddlers – Two year olds
  • Preschool – Three year olds
  • Pre-Kinder – Four year olds
  • Kinder – Five year olds
  • Primary School (1st - 6th Grade)
  • Secondary School (7th – 10th Grade)
  • 1st year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program- 11th Grade (the last year of Peruvian secondary school education)
  • 2nd year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program- optional 12th Grade
Amount of English instruction Objectives
Toddlers and Preschool (2 and 3 year olds) 20 minutes a day of English Introduction to the English language with a focus on sounds and vocabulary development.
Pre-Kinder y Kinder (4 and 5 year olds) Half day in English and half day in Spanish Learning to read and write English using a phonetics-based program. Learning key concepts and a wide English vocabulary.
1ro - 6to (6 - 11 year olds) Half day in English and half day in Spanish Not just learning English, but learning IN English. Speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.
7mo - 10mo (12 - 15 year olds) A 5-6 hour a week course Improving grammar, studying literature in English, academic English needed to study in an English speaking university.
Diploma 1 y 2 (16- 17 year olds) 4-6 hours a week Preparation for International Baccalaureate English course.
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The International Baccalaureate offers academically challenging programs with a holistic focus on student development preparing students for an ever-changing global world filled with challenges.
Our school offers two IB programs:
  • Primary Years Program - whose advantage is being based on inquiry combining skills and concepts for personal and academic success.
  • Diploma Program - whose advantage is being able to obtain an internationally-recognized diploma that facilitates admission to many universities in the world including direct admission to and course credit in a large number of Peruvian universities.
At the end of the first year of the IB Diploma Program, a group of students is invited to continue on to the second year of the program. There is no minimum or maximum number of students that can be invited; invitation is based on teacher observations of academic progress and attitude.
Students who participate in the second year of the Diploma Program must meet program requirements and obtain certain scores on internationally evaluated exams and assignments in order to attain the IB Diploma. While some assignments are presented throughout the year, final examinations are held in November and results are published in January of the following year.
“International Baccalaureate”
“IB Diploma Skills”
As an International Baccalaureate School, we strive to develop a profile of ten attributes in our school community which determine how we learn, teach, and operate beyond the classroom. These attributes make up our learner profile.
We are a secular school which does not teach or promote any specific religion; our values based education and study of world religions replaces the traditional Peruvian religion course.
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Our Profile.
All secondary school students must take a laptop to school every day. Courses strive for a balanced approach to technology in which some activities require the use of a laptop and others do not. The school provides a regulated internet connection according to the needs of each course.
All classrooms, including Early Years, have diverse technological components such as computers, televisions, projectors, tablets, etc.
Many assignments are sent via internet and diverse learning platforms are used starting at an early age.
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Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. We have teachers from Cusco and other cities in Peru as well as from other countries. Our international community promotes linguistic and cultural diversity at our school.
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Our location outside of the city in an area with fresh air is beneficial to our entire school community. The design and construction of our new campus offers comfortable learning environments as well as athletic and recreational spaces helping connect us to nature.
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Our graduates are currently studying in a variety of universities in Cusco, Peru and the world. They say that they feel very prepared for the demands of college and are accomplishing their personal goals.
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The next application deadline is October 18th for the October 22th – 24th process.
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The admissions process includes getting to know each family and learn about their expectations as well as their educational and child-rearing philosophies to determine if we are a good match.
ADMISSION EXAMINATIONS (second grade and beyond)
Academically, we evaluate Spanish, English, and Math to assess whether the academic challenges the school offers would be a good fit for the student’s current skills. The Guidance and Orientation Department evaluates learning potential and emotional aspects.
We receive transfer students until September according to spots available and having successfully completed the admissions process.
Our school coordinates a bus service serving Cusco and Urubamba based on conveniently located bus stops and adult supervision. There are also external private bus companies that have registered with us to offer door-to-door service.
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Food services
Transportation services
The hiring process typically begins in October for the following year depending on available positions. However, resumes or CVs can be sent to convocatoriacolaboradores@andinoschool.edu.pe, at anytime during the year.
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