School Environment


that are spacious and well-lit enabling a positive learning environment. The classrooms have built-in technology, which helps more students and in more significant ways.


designed to awaken the curiosity for inquiry and the joy of reading.

Science Lab

specially implemented for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Biology course as well as other science classes, especially in Secondary School.

Art Room

to promote creativity among all of our students as well as offer a motivating environment for art.


for students that offers valuable opportunities for learning and inquiry.

Recreational Areas

for all ages. There are areas for games and the development of motor skills as well as resting areas, reflection, and the contemplation of nature.

Athletic Fields

for Physical Education as well as extracurricular recreational sports.

Covered Multi-Use Gymnasium

used for sporting events, as well as performances and meetings for the educational community.

Cafeteria And Snack Shop

offering a nutritious lunch service for our school community as well as snacks available for purchase during the school day.

Parking, Pick Up And Drop Off Area

to facilitate student arrival and pick up.

Circulation Areas

that enable safe movement for students throughout the school.


that connects all the levels of the school providing access for individuals with mobility challenges.

Andino Cusco International School - ACIS


Our new campus is a wonderful space for learning located in the District of Cachimayo, kilometer 10.5 on the road from Cusco to Chinchero.

Ecofriendly School

Inquiry and Projects

We seek to develop caring students who help others and act intentionally to make a positive impact on the lives of others and the environment.

As part of the PYP, we ask the question how we share the planet engaging in inquiry into our rights and responsibilities as we strive to share finite resources with other people and other living beings, communities and the relationships within them, equal opportunities, peace and conflict resolution.

We provide diverse learning experiences that include reflection as well as carrying out specific actions to protect the environment.

School Garden

The school garden project “Tierra de Niños” enables student led initiatives with nature empowering them to be agents of change adopting and promoting sustainable lifestyles at home, at school and in the community. (under construction)

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Caring for water

Our campus has a special water treatment system for each type of used water avoiding unnecessary contamination and re-using as much as we can. Our gray water, water from sinks that have soap, are collected in a special tank and then treated to be used as irrigation for the school’s vegetation (under construction)

Waste management

Our school practices responsibility when addressing the waste generated every day in our classes.


Composting allows us to turn organic waste into a high quality fertilizer for our plants. (currently underway)

Separating paper and plastic

We work with our Cachimayo District recycling program by having our students separate these items in class every day.

Reducing consumption and waste


We have reduced our consumption of paper by using electronic documents and printing less. The majority of secondary school assignments are sent electronically as well as communication with families and among staff. Our campus does not need to be painted very often as low-maintenance materials were chosen during construction such as polished concrete and brick.

Reusing materials

The cafeteria benches were made from the wood used in the formwork when pouring the concrete to build the school. Our flowerpots are recycled paint and oil containers. In addition, many of our students’ artistic and creative projects make use of items that were thrown away.

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Food Services

All students have a lunch period during the school day. The school has a lunch service provider guaranteeing a healthy, balanced, and tasty meal. The cost of the meals is covered by families choosing to participate.


The school lunchroom provides students with the opportunity to have lunch in a comfortable space. A fully-equipped kitchen enables the preparation of daily lunch for the students who choose to take advantage of this service. Microwaves are available for students who bring their own lunch from home. During recesses, students can buy healthy snacks thus promoting healthy eating habits among our school community. Our students always have access to drinking water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Food Service

Transportation services

The school coordinates with a bus service that provides safe and timely transportation to and from school each day.

The service is based on established bus stops along the main routes in Cusco enabling shorter travel times than other buses that stop at each house. In addition to the driver, each bus has a responsible adult that accompanies the students along the way. This is an optional service that interested families pay for separately. Buses leave from Cusco and Urubamba.

For more information about transportation services, contact :

Transportation services

Safety services

We have highly trained school security guards. Our safety team provides daily support to our school community especially at the entrance with students and their families. They help organize the arrival and departure of buses and cars in the parking lot and the main road.

They also assist pedestrians. In addition they are responsible for the entry and exit of our students, staff and visitors.